Our Story

  • "Solutions by nature" - Our natural ingredients are rigorously selected for their biological activity to help livestock producers overcome costly animal health challenges. They are combined into products with a wide spectrum of activity to improve health and performance of livestock. Consider that many animal health products were first discovered in nature and, only later, synthesized chemically. We are reaching back to those natural compounds which have remained effective for millennia and putting them to work in modern livestock production systems.


  • our-story

    "Solutions by nature" - Our people too, are rigorously selected. It has to be ingrained in their DNA to provide solutions, to put the customer first and help them and their animals surpass the challenges to health and productivity. We won't have all the answers, but we do have an extensive network of experts and researchers across many disciplines, who will advise us and help educate our customers on the best solutions available.

    Together, our people and our products, are here for you, your business and your animals.

    Natural Biologics,
    Solutions by nature.

  • Natural Biologics is a new company. As such, we have the privilege of building our business with principles which will guide every action and decision of each employee. We call them our Three Pillars:

    Integrity: Personally, professionally and scientifically, we will always conduct ourselves with the highest principles and transparency.

    Innovation: Never settling for the status quo, we will encourage exploration, critical inquiry, flexibility and responsiveness to the needs of our customers and industry.

    Improvement: For our industry, our customers and ourselves we will continuously invest in education and professional development.